Easy load testing

megaLOAD is ideal for online business, SaaS and telecoms companies.

Will your software cope with great numbers of users, or will it go dark when your business needs it most? The powerful megaLOAD testing tool can generate hundreds of thousands of simultaneous users allowing for exhaustive testing of your service’s operational behaviour. Developers and testers can install and deploy the load generator nodes in just a few clicks as well as monitor real-time activity and generate reports on test results.

megaLOAD is the result of the load testing expertise we have gained over time and Beta licenses are currently available free of charge to our existing customers and selected partners.
It is also available in the Amazon Marketplace, were megaLOAD AMIs can be bought on an hourly basis to load test your XMPP or HTTP systems.


Features and functionalities


Test web services and RESTful APIs using the built-in HTTP plugin. Extend megaLOAD with new plugins to support any standard or custom protocol using our testing services.

Real time measurements

The BUI provides counters and histograms measuring all aspects of your systems. Visualise total values, averages, medians or percentiles. Add your own metrics using our testing services.


megaLOAD offers automatic cluster and cloud deployment with minimal setup effort. Run automatic load tests from private clouds or the most popular cloud providers. Multicore and cluster scalability, get the maximum of your hardware with minimum cost.

Browser user interface

The web UI manages all aspects of the load test and displays the real time metrics. Setup megaLOAD in a remote server an access it from anywhere. Alternatively, the HTTP API provides all the management features.

HTTP testing

Response handling with JsonPath, Cookie handling, HTTP redirect, persistent connections, Keep-Alive handling, SSL support, Chunked Transfer-Encoding support. The integrated IP load balancing allows megaLOAD to round-robin between IPs and provide individual measures of each of your servers.


Write your test specifications using JSON. Combine different user and load profiles in a single test. Define assertions indicating the success conditions based on the metrics.


megaLOAD can be deployed in public and private cloud environments or on conventional hardware through the frontend node, megaLOAD UI.

The frontend provides a centralised point of control for the whole system, while all other megaLOAD nodes are responsible for the load generation.

megaLOAD UI offers a web interface which provides the real-time metrics visualization, as well as a HTTP API to manage the full system.

megaLOAD nodes are clustered to coordinate the load generated towards the SUT.

All the user interaction is performed through the frontend node which is then responsible to distribute all the commands between the megaLOAD cluster.

The internal plugin architecture allows megaLOAD to be extended with new protocols and capabilities.

And we can customise megaLOAD to meet your specific business needs.


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Part of the Erlang-based Ecosystem

Our offer includes a range of products and support for products in the Erlang Ecosystem.

WombatOAM gives you full visibility over your Erlang and Elixir systems, either as a stand alone product or by integrating into your existing Operations & Maintainance infrastructure. WombatOAM retrieves metrics from systems under test to identify potential bottlenecks while the megaLOAD test is applied.

Riak KV
A highly scalable, fault tolerant NoSQL database built to handle a variety of challenges facing Big Data applications, including tracking user or session information, storing connected device data and replicating data across the globe.

This fast and dependable open-source message server supports a wide range of use cases including reliable integration, content-based routing, global data delivery, high volume monitoring and data ingestion. Developed by Pivotal and written in Erlang, RabbitMQ ships with a variety of plugins extending it in different ways, and also allows you to write your own.

Specifically designed for enterprise purposes, MongooseIM is a platform for building high-performance instant messaging systems. It is reliable, fault-tolerant, can utilise the resources of multiple clustered machines and can scale easily when more capacity is needed.

How to get megaLOAD?

megaLOAD Beta licenses are currently available free of charge to our existing customers and selected partners. It is also commercially available as part of Erlang Solutions’ business and testing offerings, to complete the full software testing lifecycle. It is simple to install, configure and operate. We can integrate megaLOAD in your existing testing infrastructure and we can develop testing plugins for your proprietary protocols.

megaLOAD is also available in the Amazon Marketplace, were megaLOAD AMIs can be bought on an hourly basis to load test your XMPP or HTTP systems.

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