Enabling the web-scale front office

Leapsight Semantic Dataspace (LSD) is an in-memory, distributed, scalable, highly-available, fault-tolerant, deductive semantic data and compute platform. It  provides a vital leap forward in the implementation of web-scale, intelligent, knowledge-driven applications.


How does it work?

LSD will help your business drive a marketing approach that engages and creates relevant brand experiences for each individual consumer.

Use LSD to aggregate and consolidate data on individual consumers from their various online profiles and interactions and at commercial touchpoints.

Makes it possible to mass-customise consistent brand experiences and value propositions to hundreds of millions of individual consumers across an increasing number of online and offline touchpoints.

As an infrastructure component LSD can serve any use case, not just the consumer marketing one. Its information model allows the representation of virtually any conceivable data entity, freeing you from the limitations of the static physical schemas found in SQL databases.

In addition to storing facts, LSD stores logic rules that are used to derive new facts about entities, allowing the implementation of real-time operational intelligence.

Together with its high concurrency and deductive capabilities, it allows for real-time access to data and execution of dynamic business logic.

Use cases

Real-time mass-customisation

LSD enables the customisation of brand experiences down to the individual consumer. Due to its dynamic rule-based business logic, it provides the brain of your consumer engagement platform. Dynamic business rules determine the next best actions or offers based on each individual consumer profile. The set of unique rules used for each consumer interaction can be defined at runtime, allowing the implementation of sophisticated multi-variate tests.

Omni-touchpoint consumer engagement

LSD’s acts as a shared knowledge space between all consumer touch points, providing not only the aggregation of multiple consumer profile data, but also the business logic to drive each consumer interaction consistently across touch points.

Real-time location-aware consumer engagement in Retail

Without an intelligent backend, iBeacon interactions can quickly become spam, but by allowing an LSD-based solution to drive consumer interactions based on consumer needs and preferences, you can ensure each individual consumer is engaged only in relevant and timely interactions.

Gamification - Consumer Engagement Mechanics

LSD was purpose-built to enable and glue together engagement mechanics such as rewards, loyalty programmes, raffles, instant-wins, and others. By using new touchpoint enablers like iBeacons, an LSD-based solution can support innovative engagements - like interactive treasure hunts where consumers need to visit certain locations (intra- or inter-store) to accumulate rewards.


Plasticity & agility

Enables extreme modifiability and reduced time-to-market, two precious capabilities always demanded by all marketers. Provides the capability to test multiple scenarios in real-time.

Mass customisation in real time

Enables the customisation of brand experiences down to the individual consumer due to its dynamic rule-based business logic.

Consolidation of multiple profiles

Makes it possible to combine consumer information from internal and external web sources and at the same time, preserve its provenance in order to identify inconsistencies.

Consistency through and across multiple touchpoints

Facilitates a consistent brand experience across all available brand touch-points.

LSD Implementation

We provide consulting and professional services, support and training on the LSD platform for clients worldwide. This includes implementation, deployment, feature development and enabling your team to independently operate the LSD platform. We also provide customised support packages.

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