Liberating networks from proprietary interfaces and vendor-specific hardware

LINC is a free, open source, software-based OpenFlow switch implemented in Erlang. It is the first free switch to support all the latest OpenFlow protocols and ONF standards with easy portability that means it can be run on a wide range of hardware. Our team provide commercial software support and development for LINC.

LOOM is a platform for building SDN/OpenFlow controllers. It supports third-party applications with a design that explores tactics for integrating these applications into LOOM’s distributed architecture whilst protecting the network from rogue applications.


Superior network control with OpenFlow

OpenFlow is a software-defined networking (SDN) standard that enables the next generation of IP networks and advanced functionality such as network functionality virtualisation (NFV). OpenFlow separates the data plane (movement of user packets) from the control plane (decisions on how to route packets). Routing decisions for user packets can therefore be controlled via applications, enabling networks to evolve. A remote controller has the power to modify the behaviour of network devices, through a well-defined forwarding instruction set.
OpenFlow gives you the ability to tailor your network to the applications you are running across the network. For example, if you have a heavy distributed computation (such as Hadoop), you can set up your network to optimise data traffic for that computation. This is all made possible by off-the-shelf hardware and minimal configuration.

Re-discover your network's freedom

Open control of IP networking means that OpenFlow delivers solutions  that today's generation of IP networking technology struggle to solve. Computer networks have faced increasing demands with restrictive technology stacks, but LINC and LOOM open your network from the proprietary interfaces and vendor-specific hardware that once stifled innovation and adaptability.


LOOM is a platform for building SDN/OpenFlow controllers. It provides a network switch controller that implements the OpenFlow 1.3.x and 1.4 protocols. It addresses the scalability and robustness of such controllers on a much larger scale than typically considered – hundreds of thousands of endpoints and tens of thousands of switches. As a result, LOOM uses a distributed architecture with a unique data management scheme to store switch configurations and the network topology to address the dual challenges of massive scale and enterprise-class robustness and reliability.

Using LINC today

LINC is available under the commercially-friendly Apache 2 licence, so can be used in commercial products. It can run on a wide range of hardware, from Raspberry Pi through to high-end networking cards such as Tilera or Intel SeaCliff architecture. We used our experience with enterprise customers and the best Erlang/OTP practices to help develop LINC and can enhance it to suit your requirements or application. We also offer consultancy services around OpenFlow and can help get your network up and running rapidly.

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