Kubernetes Consulting and Development 
for Erlang and Elixir Applications

Kubernetes is an open-source system for automated deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. When implemented right, containerisation can offer you greater portability, agility, flexibility and speed. Containerising monolithic applications using microservices helps teams create functionality with its own lifecycle and scaling policies.

Erlang Solutions offer a complete range of Kubernetes services for Erlang and Elixir applications so that your business can enjoy all the benefits of the technology while avoiding the pitfalls facing your competitors. As well as general Kubernetes consultancy we also offer bespoke corporate training to upskill your development team.


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Whether you're looking to use Kubernetes to build your stack or migrating to a cloud native platform, our expert team can ensure you do so in the most efficient, effective and future-proof manner. Our consultants will work with your team to understand your needs and deliver the help you need most, from code and architecture reviews, to development, right through to bespoke corporate Kubernetes training.

How Do We Add Value

We work with your team

We are expert, professional developers who will integrate seamlessly into your in-house DevOps and infrastructure team. We are adept and experienced at working on location and remotely worldwide.

We review your code

We ensure that we understand customer requirements, rationale and objectives for each project. We will be there to advise you on the best way forward based on our audit and recommendations.

We save your resources

Working with us will eliminate the costly trial-and-error approach which holds back so many projects. We will ensure that optimal and efficient use is made of Kubernetes to get your applications into production.

We transfer knowledge

What you get from Erlang Solutions is a proven track record of business success gained from years of working with some of the most innovative companies in the world. We will proactively upskill your existing team both during the project and also via our bespoke training solutions.

Our Consulting Experience

We are active practitioners of Kubernetes using it internally. This means we have captured best-practice and experience from all the clients that we work with and take into new projects. As the acknowledged market leader in BEAM technologies we are the safe choice to work with for the deployment of your applications to the Kubernetes environment.

The great thing about Kubernetes is that it will provide real business outcome success for any size of company in any industry. So no matter what stage your in-house team is at, we are on hand to provide optimised and measurable performance improvements of your tech infrastructure.

With our commitment to building for scalability we are perfectly suited to working with you on your Kubernetes projects so you can utilise our flexibility in order to scale as you wish no matter how complex your needs are.

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