Celebrating 20 years of open-sourced Erlang!

Friends of the BEAM - join us for a year of celebrations in honour of 20 years since Erlang OTP was open sourced!

It’s been a long and eventful two decades, hasn’t it? It’s high time we celebrated the achievements of the vibrant community that formed since Erlang OTP was open sourced in 1998.

That's why we're dedicating 2018 to celebrating #OpenErlang!

#OpenErlang - webinar

#OpenErlang webinars

Throughout 2018 we'll be joined by Erlang & Elixir heavyweights in our #OpenErlang webinar series. 

#OpenErlang - party

#OpenErlang parties

We'll be partying like it's 1998 around the world this year in a series of parties conjunction with Code Sync conferences!

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#OpenErlang - meetup

#OpenErlang meetups

Meetups give the Erlang & Elixir communities a place to thrive across the globe. Join us at special #OpenErlang meetups throughout 2018!

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#OpenErlang - social

Be a part of #OpenErlang

What are your BEAM highlights from the last 20 years? Celebrate #OpenErlang every day with the #OpenErlang hashtag!

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What's on

Upcoming #OpenErlang activities

#OpenErlang Stockholm Party

Thu 31 May 2018
We’ve partnered with æternity and WhatsApp to say a big thank you and treat you to a good old-fashioned night out in Stockholm, on us. Expect surprise VIPs and practitioners who use BEAM technology in production in attendance!
Join us at the Münchenbryggeriet for an evening of festivities and good vibes!​


#OpenErlang - Stockholm party gif

Past events

#OpenErlang activities that have come and gone.

Webinar: Implementing languages on the BEAM

Thu 17 May 2018

Join Mariano Guerra and Erlang co-creator Robert Virding live in the first #OpenErlang webinar as they explore the reasons why BEAM languages are the way they are, which things the BEAM makes easy and which makes... complicated. ​

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#OpenErlang - webinar #1

Erlang Meetup Stockholm: Erlang, Past and Future

Mon 7 May 2018

Join the #OpenErlang celebrations at Erlang Meetup Stockholm's Q2 event! We're excited to welcome Ingela Anderton Andin and her talk "From the cathedral to the bazaar: how open source made Erlang better", and Simone Stefani and his talk "How we teach Elixir to a class of 200 university students". 

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#OpenErlang - Stockholm meetup

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