Webinar Registration 16th Jun 2021 5:30 pm GMT

Webinar – Using Erlscripten to transpile Erlang to Javascript

What to expect in this webinar?

JavaScript and Erlang seem like world’s apart but does that have to be the case? In our next webinar, we’ll introduce Erlscripten, a source-to-source transpiler that can convert most Erlang codebases into Purescript. If you’re not familiar with Purescript, it is a strongly typed language heavily inspired by Haskell. More interestingly, Purescript can compile down to Javascript with ease. Using Purescript as an intermediary step, Erlscripten allows you to take your existing Erlang application and quickly ship it to JavaScript users.

In this webinar will walk you through Erlscripten, explaining some of the design choices and rationale behind it. We’ll also give you a demonstration of what it can do, giving you a real-world insight into its interoperability and an example of the benefits of using Erlscripten to take Erlang to web browsers. This webinar will be hosted by Grzegorz Uriasz who worked on the creation of Erlscripten at Aeternity.


Grzegorz Uriasz
Erlang and Elixir developer

With a strong background in cybersecurity and numerical simulations Grzegorz fulfills his love to cryptography and hunting security bugs by participating in CTF competitions. Loving hard problems he became a Blockchain Developer and currently leads the development of a new novel consensus algorithm at Aeternity.