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Want to verify your Elixir knowledge?  

Our certification programme is designed to validate your core knowledge making it easier for companies to make their hiring decisions.

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The Elixir community is continuing to grow in popularity. Getting certified with Erlang Solutions proves your know-how to employers and sets you apart from the ever-growing competition. As world-leading experts in the BEAM VM, we use this certification exam in the hiring process of everyone of our team. 

For developers: An Elixir certification can make you stand out in the job application process and highlights your knowledge and skill set.

For businesses: An Elixir certification is a quick and simple testing tool to test and prove the competency of your candidates.

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This course has been developed by our team at Erlang Solutions, who have been at the forefront of helping to build some of the largest and most ambitious systems in the world. We’re dedicated to growing Erlang and Elixir communities world-wide.

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