FinTech Trends In 2021 Report

The latest thinking in financial services on:

  • Industry bounce back from downturn
  • Which segments of financial services are set for growth
  • Winners and losers in the competitive FinTech ecosystem
  • Best practice in software engineering in FS
  • Security and regulation changes
  • Alternative models for finance with blockchain and digital/crypto currencies

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Discover the key factors to consider for success in FinTech in 2021 and beyond.


‘This report aims to provide guidance and support to help make sense of global FinTech dynamics and opportunities, to make bold prudent decisions.’

Phil Harrison, COO Trifork & Erlang Solutions

‘2020 has shown that many systems were not built with scalability and reliability in mind. It is not something you can bolt on as an afterthought.’

Francesco Cesarini, Technical Lead and Founder, Erlang Solutions

‘We will see faster growth and investment in technology and businesses that are FinTech first – capable of adapting rapidly to change.’

Simon Holland, CPO, Wealthify

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Erlang Solutions use deep tech capabilities to build and deliver transformative solutions for the world’s most ambitious companies. Our innovative, scalable and resilient technologies are used in Fortune 500 financial services firms and FinTech startups alike. We prototype, build, and monitor solutions for payment systems, backend services, digital lending, clearing and settlement services, blockchain and digital assets custody.