Adopting non-mainstream programming languages
for online gambling & betting

Lessons from deploying Erlang

From recruitment to change management and prototyping, our book will give you the tools to transform your online gambling & betting stack into one that works for you, rather than you working for it.
The route to the successful adoption of non-mainstream
programming languages

Based on the insights and experiences of Francesco Cesarini and Mike Williams, veterans in deploying Erlang in online betting & gambling environments.

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The route to the successful adoption of non-mainstream programming languages - online gambling and betting | Erlang Solutions

Erlang solves core challenges in the Online Gambling & Betting industry

We have been developing Erlang based systems for bet365 - one of world’s largest online betting sites and for William Hill - UK’s largest bookmaker. Over the years, we gained great insight into the industry. Erlang is uniquely suited to address the biggest technological challenges of Online Gambling & Betting companies:  

How does Erlang resolve these challenges?

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With support for millions of lightweight processes, Erlang allows you to build massively concurrent and fault tolerant applications very quickly. Erlang's functional paradigm makes program outputs much easier to predict, therefore easier to debug and analyse.

With its background in telecommunications, Erlang excels in handling message explosion and multiplexing – the generation of a cascade of messages out to individual users starting from a single event – a message cascade that can span hundreds of servers in a coherent way that maintains message delivery order.

Erlang’s concurrency, its no-shared memory architecture and built-in ‘fail and recover’ approach make it behave extremely gracefully and predictably under highly variable stochastic load. This makes Erlang ideal to build critical gambling and betting systems on.

Because of Erlang’s soft real time properties inherited from the telephony world, reactions to external events occur in microseconds, allowing for timely responses.

Erlang was open sourced in 1998, and it has a mature ecosystem and an active community whom you can ask for knowledge sharing.

Erlang is designed for 24/7 applications allowing the dynamic upgrading of running production systems. With its built-in support for distributed code delivery you can upgrade a farm of servers from one host.

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