Games have always been at the forefront of technological advancement and have undergone a revolution over the last decade. Nowadays, customers have an unprecedented level of choice due to emergence of new companies entering the market and an explosion of new online games.

In the gaming business, there is a high frequency of requests, traffic bursts and distribution across many nodes. These are all problems that need to be addressed while writing systems that can support these required high loads. No other programming language is more capable for building high performance, highly scalable systems than Erlang thus helping make tens of millions of gamers happier across the world.

For the last couple of years, Erlang Solutions has been helping gaming companies and social networking sites develop massive multiplayer online games (MMOG) and build the scalable infrastructure required for these games. Our in-house product Open Messaging Platform has been the foundation for building multi user chat systems for games.

As new technologies and trends continue to develop, Erlang continues to define the market by developing and supporting systems for the most ambitious real-world and science-fiction action games for the PC and next-generation gaming consoles.

Our capabilities in gaming include:

  • Developing highly scalable MUC (Multi-user chat) room.
  • Design and development of chat systems for one the largest video game developer and publisher
  • Scaling server infrastructure of one of the largest developer of social games
  • Designing of multi-user chats for ‘Multiplayer Online games’ for a leader in free2play community-based Mobile MMO games
  • Development of web-based instant messaging system for Nasza Klasa (NK) - Poland's biggest social networking site
  • Development of chat system for ooVoo,  the world’s fastest growing social video and messaging platform solving their problem of scalability and ever increasing customer base