Financial Services

Financial services companies face specific challenges in the progressively interconnected world. Keeping up with the fast-changing requirements for regulatory compliance and operational efficiency make both the business processes and IT systems very complex and dynamic.  High availability, robustness, reliability, concurrency and fault tolerance are absolutely essential to thrive in this competitive industry.  This is why Erlang is so well suited for building financial systems. Moreover, Erlang with its built-in efficiency provides rapid development and low cost implementation.

Erlang Solutions has provided consultancy and a wide range of development and support services to different financial services institutions such as banks, financial institutions, trading companies, e-commerce companies, and specialist payment partners. Our development solutions for finance range from small proof-of- concept prototypes to turnkey systems, where we have actually developed the entire product. This wide range of software experience in addition with our deep domain knowledge makes us an ideal partner to financial companies. 

Some of our key competencies include:

  • Design/development of next generation automated payments systems and ATM switching solutions
  • Development of an Immediate Payment System (IPS) and the mobile payments gateway for a leading payment partner
  • Development of start-of-art mobile banking solution for iPhone and Android for a leading Danish bank in the four Nordic countries
  • Building a transaction processing system for a market leading online trading company
  • Design/development of highly scalable messaging solution for systems requiring sending or receiving messages using the international ISO- 8583 standard
  • Design of trading solutions (including risk systems and algorithmic trading platforms) exploiting Erlang’s unique ability to provide massive concurrency and distribution, making it one of the best fit for today’s trading platforms.


"The Payments Switch is both highly fault tolerant yet offers massive concurrency. This is critical to payment transactions. At the same time the development project cooperation with Erlang Solutions was agile and responsive, giving us the opportunity to explore the possibilities to support our clients".

  • Adam Kennedy, Product Director, Vocalink

"Built into the Payment Switch solution are lightweight processes that allow for millions of simultaneous transactions. The architecture allows for quick ramping up of the solutions and this gives us an unprecedented time-to-market for our clients."

  • Adam Kennedy, Product Director, Vocalink

"The launch of our new mobile banking solutions came at the exactly right time and offered from the beginning the most important and useful services. The customers adopted the new solution extremely fast and in a much larger scale than we expected and at the same time we received lots of very good user ratings and nominations for several awards. "

  • Peter T. Schleidt, CIO, Danske Bank