Automotive software development has witnessed a big rise since the latest software technologies started to be applied within the industry. The amount of software used in cars and in their design has grown exponentially in terms of number of ECUs (Electronic Control Unit), lines of code and complexity. This rapid increase of software and software-based functionality has brought about various challenges for the automotive industries, for their organizations, methods, tools, product structures and long term strategies. 

Erlang Solutions has had roles in turnkey projects in the automotive sector and has been involved in delivering innovative solutions to several automotive companies, thereby reducing their operational costs. Whether you are an automotive OEM, a supplier, or focused on sales and service, our automotive industry solutions can help you increase efficiencies and profits.

Consumers all over the world have more vehicle choices than ever before. This puts tremendous pressure on vehicle manufacturers and suppliers to deliver innovative, high-quality vehicles as quickly and efficiently as possible, whilst meeting the ever-stringent QA requirements of the industry. Erlang Solutions with its partnership with Quviq AB offers the full range of ‘QuickCheck’ products and services to their enterprise clients in the automotive sector. QuickCheck, is uniquely designed to test products and services that require high quality and reliability as well as an automated process which is very important for the automotive industry. Erlang Solutions uses QuickCheck in its test driven agile development process. A key feature of QuickCheck is its ability to perform automated testing enabling huge productivity gains for automotive companies.

From our experience, we have verified that QuickCheck can typically improve the testing time by a factor of 10, whilst at the same time leading to greater code coverage than existing software. If testing continues along this path, Erlang/QuickCheck will become a test platform of choice for the automotive industry.

Erlang Solutions has also been involved in building a diagnostic tool for a leading multi-national auto-maker to gather information about the various ECUs of a car and offer this real-time status information to the mechanic to decrease the time it takes to repair the car in any of the company’s repairing centres. Our consultants were involved in the design, implementation and testing phase of this system. Erlang Solutions also developed an embedded data collection system for cars.

In addition to that, Erlang Solution also helped with the design and development of an embedded data collection system for hybrid vehicles. This business intelligence tool was able to extract number of parameters (such as fuel consumption, battery charge level, speed, location) of a car and generate a report. As a result car components could be optimized for better resource utilization.