Advertising and New Media

There is an ongoing transformation in the media industry, with new delivery channels and audiences splitting across multiple platforms, Erlang Solutions helps you deliver your content to your customers when and where they want it, in the format they want it at much lower cost. Advertising and new media companies increasingly require systems which support real-time computational advertising and are scalable, robust and reliable.  

Erlang Solutions has an experience in providing solutions for distributed event processing and data analytics in the domain of computational advertising. Systems with high frequency advertising require high levels of parallelism and low, predictable latency. These requirements make Erlang so well suited for advertising and new media.

Some of our key projects include:

  • Consultancy services, code and architecture review of a computational advertising framework for one of the industry’s largest advertising networks and a leading edge web services company. ESL helped the client increase the throughput of their brokerage services by increasing the scale, band-width and interface capabilities of their advertising bidding systems.
  • Consultancy and code review of an advertising brokerage system for an online ad network and data analytics firm. ESL’s recommendations helped decrease latency of the service, thus making the system throughput better.
  • Enhancement of the advertising brokerage system for one of the world's leading providers of digital advertising technology, enabling businesses to manage and maximize their ad revenue
  • Development of web-based instant messaging system for Poland's biggest social networking site.
  • Development of chat system for the world’s fastest growing social video and messaging platform, solving their problem of scalability and ever increasing customer base. ESL’s solution eliminated downtime and provided linear scalability for their servers, allowing the client to continue their exponential growth.
  • Design and development of a network sniffing tool for a be-spoke digital library usage statistics system for a leading electronic media and publishing company offering innovative e-resource monitoring and auditing services to established and emerging digital libraries 
  • Design of an end-user presence communications system for a leader in mobile video communications. This system helped the client achieve really big numbers in terms of simultaneous connections and cluster stability and provided high quality experience to people making calls on smartphones & tablets.