Krakow Erlang User Group

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Friday, May 11, 2012 - 16:30

Further Details

Date : 11 May 2012

Time : 16:00

Location: Szpitalna 38/3a, Krakow

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The Programme

Rebar – building and converting a project

The first part of the presentation describes the process of building a new project using Rebar - including the catalogue structure and required commands. The second part demonstrates a conversion of an existing project from a generic build system to Rebar.
This presents one with an opportunity to examine the crucial configuration parameters as well as ways of solving common Rebar problems.
The project I chose to converse is Streamfile - a filehosting service. Currently it operates on a build system probably designed for a different service. It has a complicated structure and sometimes build errors are difficult to solve. The goal is to build Streamfile using a clear structure of catalogues and configuration files. Thanks to the complexity of this project, the demonstration will cover a whole range of tasks: from libraries to C code compilation.


About Piotr Nosek

I'm a Polish employee of Erlang Solutions, who (to be honest) never thought he would have an occasion to work with such a great IT team. My adventure with Erlang began early in my studies, but the real stuff started with Erlang by Example course. I didn't suspect that ordinary programming course will end up with a job interview. And thus I've been here for over 1.5 year, really enjoying projects from all around the world.
My main area of expertise so far covered webdevelopment in Erlang. My priorities are slowly shifting now, but still sometimes I have an occasion to work on our company websites.

As a hobby, I'm interested in applying Erlang in online gaming. For me, this is something completely new, so I'm at the beginning of a whole journey but I really hope to develop my skills in this matter. Also I'm still trying to find some time to further develop my open source project, which is C library for Riak.


Everyone is welcome. Come along learn, listen, debate, shape, join in, share experiences, exchange ideas and network.