Erlang Express 3-day Course in San Francisco on 8 February

Event date: 
Wednesday, February 8, 2012 - 12:20

Erlang Solutions is hosting their world renowned Erlang Express Course and you're invited! So whether you're a developer who's recently heard a lot about this unfamiliar language and want to learn more about it, or you need to brush up on your basic skills -- this is a rare opportunity to get familiar with the language in a smaller, hands-on interactive training with Technical Founder and O’Reilly author, Francesco Cesarini. Book your place now!

After this course you will:
    •    Understand the basics of Erlang.
    •    Read/Write/Design Erlang Programs.
    •    Have a good knowledge of the development environment and tools.
    •    Have the basic needs to attend the Advanced Erlang/Open Telecom Platform (OTP)course

In 3 days, this introductory course will give participants the knowledge to read, write and structure Erlang programs.
The course contains all the Erlang basics such as sequential and concurrent programming, alongside error handling. The Erlang development environment is presented, with a special emphasis on the Erlang mode for Emacs alongside the major debugging tools. Good and bad programming practices are discussed, as are tools used to profile the system. OTP design principles and concepts are sneaked into the material as well as the exercises.
This exclusive training is capped at 12 people so as to keep the training as efficient as possible, sign up while you can!

Find out the full course content here and register for the course here.