XMPP with Erlang and ejabberd

Target Audience: Project Managers/Team Leaders, Support and Test Engineers, Software Developers,

Prerequisites: Participants should be at least a little familiar with Erlang


  • Learn how to setup an XMPP server with ejabberd
  • Learn how to write XMPP clients
  • Learn how to extend ejabberd
  • Learn how to configure and operate an ejabberd cluster relevant to your operational needs


Duration: Three days

students will get an introduction to the ejabberd XMPP server and its configuration. In addition, you will learn how to extend ejabberd to fit your own problem domain.  You will learn how to configure for scaled growth and to test for system throughput.  In case you're new to XMPP, you'll get a refresher on the protocol and its applications

Course Contents

To follow.