CouchDB in Two Days

Target Audience: Software Developers,

Prerequisites: You are:

  • A web developer eager to learn new tools for your upcoming (or current) projects.
  • Software architect who needs to build the next killer application on the web or on users machines (in a peer-to-peer style).
  • Already using CouchDB and need formal training to make sure you don’t get it wrong.
  • A database administrator that is faced with running and maintaining a new style of database.
  • Anything in between the above.

Objectives: Learn most of CouchDB in two days. You will learn the basics as well as advanced use-cases and deployment scenarios sprinkled with best practices and neat tricks.

Duration: Two days

CouchDB in Two Days is a high-volume injection of CouchDB knowledge. This course takes you from a gentle introduction into new ways of dealing with your data, over building a new kind of peer-to-peer applications using web technologies to deployment and high-performance strategies.

Course Contents

This is a two-day tutorial and we are splitting it up in morning and afternoon sessions. Each block ends with exercises that we review at the beginning of the next block.

Day One


Introduction to CouchDB. We’ll tell you what all the fuss is about and why you should care. We’ll then explore the REST API in various ways to give you a solid understanding of the basics and the abstractions built on top where we’ll have a closer look at Python, Ruby and PHP client libraries side by side (so nobody gets bored).


We take what we learned in the morning and set out to build a standalone application with CouchDB using only HTML & JavaScript. This type of application is an application in its own right, but it also teaches the foundations of data modelling in a document oriented database. What you learn here can be equally applied to traditional three-tier applications using your web-stack of choice.

Day Two


Advanced CouchDB with views and replication. CouchDB comes with a map-reduce-powered data-extraction and query facility. You learned first about view when building the CouchApp. Here we dive deep into getting the most out of your data and being really clever with views.

The second part introduces CouchDB’s excellent replication system and how it can be used to build fault-tolerant and high-performance database clusters (“make your own cloud”) to massively distributed peer-to-peer systems alike.


We look at CouchDB deployment. You’ll learn how to set up CouchDB for the different situations it can be used for. We show best practices and field-tested tools that go well with CouchDB.