Building distributed clusters with Riak

Event date: 
Monday, November 5, 2012 - 09:00
London, UK

Target Audience: Software Developers,

Prerequisites: Programming skills in any language; understanding of Unix basics


  • Installing and building a local Riak cluster
  • Leaning the operational basics of Riak
  • Using the various Riak APIs and Query Mechanisms
  • Understanding and exercising Riak's built-in scalability and fault tolerance
  • Analyzing and the numerous use cases for Riak
  • Benchmarking, Troubleshooting, and Running Riak in production

Duration: Three days

Price: 965 + VAT; you can also register here.

Riak is an open source, scalable database being used by companies like Comcast, Boeing, Voxer, Yammer, GitHub, and Joyent today. Riak is built from the ground up to be fault-tolerant to operational failures. It also has various APIs and query mechanisms that are flexible and purpose-built to make developers' lives easier.  This class will be a top-to-bottom review of Riak, and attendees will leave with a firm understanding of why it's the best open source database you will ever run in production.