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Vitamin E FinTech Special - Blockchain myths and reality, exciting new projects and webinar announced…

Vitamin E
FinTech Special

Your monthly dose of all things Erlang & Elixir from Erlang Solutions

blockchain 2018 | Erlang Solutions

✨ It’s a FinTech Special ✨ 

Blockchain - Is it the future or will the bubble burst?

Behind the scenes, our teams have been blowing the lid off of the Blockchain scene! Last year’s involvement in a number of successful Blockchain and FinTech projects made us achieve the unachievable. 

Now that we are catching our breaths, we wanted to look through the myths vs reality of Blockchain to sift through the noise and give you a clear idea of what on earth is going on.

Blockchain 2018: Myths and Reality is an unmissable summary of the state of the art by Dominic Perini, our Scalability Architect and Tech Lead at Erlang Solutions.

Get involved in the discussion and be ready for more insights on how to disrupt FinTech and Blockchain with hyper-reliable, concurrent and scalable solutions.

Keep your eyes peeled and ears open for MORE FinTech and Blockchain reviews, webinars, and blogs.  

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BlockScout Webinar | Erlang Solutions


One of our substantial FinTech collabs has been with Ethereum-based platform POA Network. During the last year, we have been working closely to improve one of their systems, with great success! 

Elixir/Erlang Developer and Lead Architect of this project Felipe Ripoll explored the ins and outs of the NetStats System Dashboard in his latest blog post.

What’s more! We have a very special webinar approaching with POA Network’s Project Lead Andrew Cravenho entitled: 

‘BlockScout - Open Source EVM Blockchain Explorer’.

This is on Wednesday 14th November - sign up now! Even if you can’t make it, we’ll send this to all registrants personally, so it’s worth signing up!

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Aeternity Focus | Erlang Solutions

COMPANY FOCUS - æternity

We teamed up with æternity to disrupt the Blockchain space! Together we are building a highly scalable system that caters for billions of users.

Kudos to the founder Yanislav Malahov and his æternity team and for their amazing work - long live scalability.

Have a look at Yani’s high praise on our new and improved FinTech and Blockchain page at Erlang Solutions!

We also partnered with æternity and WhatsApp to organise a free #OpenErlang party in London on Thursday 8th November. Make sure you sign up and celebrate 20 years of Erlang being open sourced. 

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OpenErlang London Party | Erlang Solutions

#OpenErlang London Party 

Friends of the BEAM - please join us for an evening celebrating 20 years of open source Erlang!

📆 Thursday 8th November 
📍ILEC Conference Centre, 47 Lillie Road, SW6 1UD
✅ Free event

The choice to make Erlang available to everyone has created a powerful community, and its achievements have been exceptional. We’ve partnered with æternity and WhatsApp to say a BIG thank you and treat you to a good old-fashioned night out in London, entirely on us. This week we also published highlights from our Stockholm party to whet the appetite so don’t miss out! 

Along with our London shindig, we have a selection of #OpenErlang Interviews online. We’ve been asking key influencers in the Erlang, Elixir and open source community to share their experiences and milestones over the last 20 years.

The #OpenErlang Interviews have included Robert Virding and Joe ArmstrongChris PriceJane Walerud, Simon Phipps, and Anton Lavrik. More to come…

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What’s happening in
the world of FinTech?

Hackernoon æternity article | Erlang Solutions

Advantages of Functional Programming for Blockchain Protocols 

This Hackernoon article asks “can functional programming support more efficient blockchain infrastructure, who is using it and why?”. The guys at æternity look through Erlang, Haskell, and OCaml, and the advantages of functional programming in the FinTech industry.

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Forbes | Erlang Solutions

Is Switzerland the secret hotspot for FinTech and Blockchain? 

Known for its diplomatic nature, Switzerland isn’t exactly the first to come to mind when you think “FinTech”, although it’s long been associated with entrepreneurial spirit and success business.  But this article in Forbes reveals the Swiss cities at the heart of the “global FinTech hub”. 

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Gaming and cryptocurrencies | Erlang Solutions

Video Games and Cryptocurrencies: A Perfect Marriage 

Like video games? Of course! But what’s the link between that and cryptocurrencies? 
This fantastic article is by Howard Marks who bought Activision and then rebuilt it into the “largest game company in the world”. Go through the evolution of gaming economics to present day…

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FinTech Newsletter Sign Up | Erlang Solutions

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What’s happening in
the world of Erlang & Elixir

16 lessons webinar | Erlang Solutions

16 lessons I learnt from the BEAM - Webinar now online!

For our October webinar, we were joined by Joseph Yiasemides as part of the #OpenErlang celebrations. Some of these lessons are drawn from other functional programming communities, and beyond. They are broadly applicable, extending not only to other functional languages, but also to the more mainstream languages.

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Extensible Elixir | Erlang Solutions

London Meetup - Extensible Elixir with Adam Lancaster

Elixir provides us with a really powerful way to achieve ad hoc polymorphism. In this talk, we will look at how this extensibility compares to what we might have in an OOP language, and what we can do with it. Adam is a software developer at Nested.

This talk will be at our London HQ on Wednesday 28th November.

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Code Mesh LDN | Erlang Solutions

Code Mesh LDN - only one week to go!

We’re excited to be back at Code Mesh LDN this year as gold sponsors. The London-based two-day conference never fails to inspire attendees when it comes to using the right tool for the job. Last minute tickets are still available for the conference and tutorials! Learn more about the conference, the speakers, and the tutorials on offer!

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Code BEAM Lites | Erlang Solutions

Code BEAM Lites - Amsterdam and Munich

If you’re looking for even more ways to connect with the Erlang and Elixir community and get involved then why not attend one of these two fantastic one-day conferences happening in November (Amsterdam) and December (Munich). Tickets are on sale at only €109, and they are selling fast! Head over to the website to get yours before they are gone!

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Lambda Days | Erlang Solutions

Lambda Days Krakow February 2019

With the first two keynote speakers announced (Don Syme and Manuel Chakravarty), Lambda Days invites all functional programmers to join the excitement! Their next committee call is just around the corner, and they are hungry for more inspiring proposals

You can get your Early Bird ticket now!

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Code BEAM SF | Erlang Solutions

It’s Bitcoin’s 10th birthday - Here’s what people are saying 

Ten years ago, Satoshi Nakamoto created bitcoin offering more offering over your money following the 2008 global financial crisis.
Vlad Dramaliev, the head of marketing of æternity, has since called the currency the “most exciting technological experiments of our time”.  find out more about the history of bitcoin in this Forbes article. 

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senior Devs vs Junior Devs | Erlang Solutions

The Classic Rivalry - Senior Devs vs Junior Devs

Why senior devs write “dumb code” and how to spot a Junior a mile away - an interesting and quick read!
Scott Shipp leaves us with a quote from Dave Carhart, and in the spirit of Halloween; “Always code as if the guy who ends up maintaining, or testing your code will be a violent psychopath who knows where you live”.

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Code Review Checklist | Erlang Solutions

A Clear, Concise & Comfy Code Review Checklist

Sometimes you just need a simple checklist amidst the formulas. When the Erlang Solutions teams met at our annual Get2Gether in Budapest earlier this year, we had a number of talks, and checklists were of high interest! Not only code checklists, but formalities outside of developing/programming such as approaching your manager. 

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