Riak commercial support now available post Basho

by Stuart Whitfield

LONDON, 10 August 2017 – Erlang Solutions and TI Tokyo are pleased to announce their partnership to provide enterprise grade support to users of the Riak suite of products; Riak KV, Riak S2 (formerly Riak CS) and Riak TS.

Since the much-publicised difficulties encountered by Basho, which culminated in it appointing a receiver in July 2017, Riak users have expressed concern about the uncertainty surrounding the support available for Riak and the future of the product itself.

The Erlang Solutions/TI Tokyo partnership means that Riak users now have a range of subscription support options available (including 24/7 enterprise-grade) together with expert Riak and Erlang consulting services.

Support services are now live and Erlang Solutions and TI Tokyo will be happy to discuss individual customers’ needs.

In the medium term, once the current uncertainty around the ownership of the Riak IPR is resolved (Basho’s receivers are in the process of trying to dispose of its business and assets), Erlang Solutions and TI Tokyo intend to work with the Riak user community to ensure the Riak product set evolves and flourishes and we welcome contact from all those who wish to become active contributors to the ongoing Riak project.

Contacts us at or download our brochure to learn more about our Riak Support.

The key players

TI Tokyo is a privately held Japanese company that has been supplying Basho with support services for APAC (Asia Pacific). TI Tokyo has recently hired additional Basho-trained engineers around the world in order to continue providing 24/7 worldwide support for all Riak products.

Erlang Solutions is a member of the Trifork GmbH group of companies. Erlang Solutions has been a Riak reseller since 2012 and has provided Riak support, optimisations and bespoke development work to Basho and its customers since then.

Riak KV is a highly performant, distributed key value store. It is in use globally across a range of industry verticals in both open source and enterprise versions. Notable users include the NHS, AT&T, The Weather Channel, Best Buy, bet365, IBM, William Hill, Yahoo Japan.

Riak S2 (formerly Riak CS) is an open source, large object storage database built on top of Riak KV. It can be used to build public or private clouds or as reliable storage to power applications and services.

Riak TS is an open source distributed database built on top of Riak KV optimised for time series data.

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