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Erlang Solutions Newsletter - March Issue 

Getting sporty with Erlang & Elixir! Don’t know about you, but here at Erlang Solutions we get very sporty come spring. Some of us are running marathons, others are just really keen on football (soccer for US based readers) league matches. Either way, you’ll be hearing a lot more about our Erlang tech & sports related exploits over the next few months.

Why is bet365 open sourcing its Erlang code?

Get answers from bet365 Head of Architecture Chandru Mullapharti on Thursday 14 April. World leading online gambling group bet365 recently open sourced code that makes Erlang a lot more enterprise-friendly. If you are in London on 14 April at 6:30 pm, you can ask bet365’s Head of Architecture your questions right after his talk ‘Erlang @ bet365 - Past, Present and Future’ at the London Erlang User Group.


Building a mobile chat app for fast-expanding sports social network Sqor Sports - Webinar 7 April

Europa League is in full swing, and Sqor Sports might soon be your favourite way to keep up with your club. They just started their Europe expansion by partnering with FC Bayern Munich. We developed a unique MongooseIM based mobile chat feature in their app, and on April 7th Sqor Sports project lead Chuck Pinkert and Inaka senior project manager Tatiana Oudine will talk you through the challenges faced and the lessons learned in this project. Register to attend this webinar.


Using a scalable platform to expand your app’s range of services - a Grindr case study

One of world’s largest dating apps, Grindr is expanding services from dating to lifestyle needs. Their platform set up will allow them to expand without the corresponding IT pain - a lesson form many of today’s enterprises. We are and have been helping Grindr in this process for a while, and we can’t wait to see where they will go to next!

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Take Control of your RabbitMQ queues - blog post

You’re a support engineer and your company uses a 3-node RabbitMQ cluster to manage its inter-application interactions across your network? If you ever struggled with determining queue locations within a cluster this post will show you how to use a new feature and take control over distribution of queues. 

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Erlang gen_server Reloaded - blog post

We have dozens of gen_servers in our applications, but when we get to extending server behaviour, we start scratching our heads. Which of our servers has the lowest response time? How long does it take for a request to be processed? This is a solution to manage servers’ behaviour and metrics in one place.

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Startup tech pack: Elixir, Phoenix, Riak KV - 28 April London

Elixir, Phoenix, and Riak KV are Open Source technologies that can get your startup up and running quickly with a stack you won’t outgrow. If you’re in London on the evening of 28 April, come get a practical introduction to these techs and meet some startups who are using them.

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Managing two million web servers Joe Armstrong’s blog

Time and again Joe Armstrong has heard this said: 'We have a (Erlang or Elixir) web server managing 2 million user sessions.“ In his blog, he shows this statement to be incorrect and stemming from a fundamental misconception.


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