Hans Nilsson joins Erlang Solutions as Senior Consultant

Erlang Solutions Ltd, the global leader in Erlang services,  proudly welcomes one of the world's most experienced and capable Erlang experts into our team.

Hans Nilsson joined the Ericsson Computer Science Lab in 1988, the year after Joe Armstrong. For the first two years, he worked on the development of the highly regarded SICSTUS Prolog. In 1995 together with  Claes Wikström, he developed the Mnesia DBMS and Mnemosyne query language, and then went on to study the budding Voice over IP field. He implemented his first Erlang-based SIP stack in 1998, while the standard (RFC2543) was not yet in stable draft. Hans presented his SIP-ISDN Gateway at the Erlang User Conference 1997.

After a couple of years developing a residential Ethernet switch at Ericsson, Hans returned to Voice over IP. He established himself as one of Ericsson's leading SIP experts, and was the company's representative in the GSM Association SIP Technical Expert Group. Meanwhile, he was the technical lead on a large product development project based on his SIP implementation. Before joining Erlang Solutions, he worked in a tiger team doing advanced prototyping with Erlang in close cooperation with the Intel Performance Lab.

Hans is also a key member of theProTest EU Project, where his work on property-baseddata mining of packet trace logs and QuickCheck verification of SIP parsers have been highly influential. As Erlang Solutions is an active member of that project, his involvement will continue.

“I had the pleasure of working with Hans Nilsson for more than a decade, and have seen him excel as a researcher, developer, team leader and mentor. Hans is one of the most experienced and capable members of the Erlang community, and I am extremely pleased that he has chosen to join the Erlang Solutions team.” said Ulf Wiger, CTO of Erlang Solutions Ltd.

With the addition of Hans Nilsson, Erlang Solutions is able to offer world-class expertise in the Voice over IP field.


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Monday, April 26, 2010