Erlang Training & Consulting Ltd celebrates 10 year of business as the leading Erlang services provider and becomes Erlang Solutions Ltd

Erlang Solutions proudly announces the company’s 10th anniversary. Over the past decade, Erlang Solutions has evolved from a training and consulting company to a provider of end-to-end Erlang services. And the trend continues today as Erlang Solutions is still expanding not only into new lines of business but also into new markets.

When the company was established in London in 1999, Erlang Solutions was the first non-Scandinavian company to offer Erlang/OTP training and consultancy services. At that time, the programming language Erlang  was not known outside of the Telecoms sector..

Over the years the business grew dramatically. Erlang Solutions has expanded considerably, with offices now in London (UK), Uppsala (Sweden) and Krakow (Poland). The services on offer have also expanded significantly - Erlang Solutions now a one-stop shop for all Erlang needs including: training, certification, consulting, contracting, system development, support and conferences. Over this period awareness of the Erlang language has also expanded and today Erlang is increasingly known and used worldwide with customers in many of the key industry verticals such as Telecoms, Banking, Finance, Logistics and Utilities as well as being a significant force in instant messaging.

“Our success lies in our ability to consistently solve clients needs across many domains and industries thanks to our team of skilled staff and the inherent virtues of Erlang/OTP.  Todays market is looking for better ways to deliver products and services to the market.  More and more companies across the spectrum of industries are turning to us for solutions” said Marcus Taylor, the CEO of Erlang Solutions.

“When I started the company” added Francesco Cesarini, the Founder of Erlang Solutions.“ 10 years ago I knew that one of the key values we had to focus on was the people and their knowledge. Today we have over 40 dedicated staff and partners all over the world who share this knowledge of Erlang/OTP.  The next 10 years will be very exciting as the adoption accelerates and Erlang is recognized as the solution to many of the problems facing new and existing providers of products and services.


About Erlang Solutions Ltd:

Founded in 1999, Erlang Solutions Ltd. is an international company specialised in the Open Source language -Erlang and its middleware OTP.  Erlang Solutions solves all your Erlang needs - Training, Certification, Consulting, Contracting, System Development, Support and Conferences. Erlang Solutions expert and certified consultants are the most experienced anywhere, with many having used Erlang since its early days. With offices in the UK, Sweden and Poland and clients on six continents, Erlang Solutions is available for short and long term opportunities world-wide.

Monday, February 8, 2010