Erlang Solutions launches Erlang e-learning: the first of its kind

04 October 2011 - Erlang Solutions have announced the launch of their new Erlang e-learning platform. The e-learning platform is the first of its kind for the Erlang language and incorporates features that are unique to any e-learning platform. The e-learning offering allows people to be trained who, due to temporal, geographical or economical constraints, are not able to attend traditional face-to-face instruction.

Erlang Solutions have developed a system that delivers at a distance, the same high-quality interactive experience that is delivered face-to-face.?? Stuart Whitfield, Erlang Solutions CEO explains, "I'm delighted that we have today launched our first e-learning course, Erlang Express.  Not only will this enable students and practitioners to learn about Erlang remotely and at their own pace, but it will help to spread further the growth of Erlang globally.  We plan to follow this with other courses and to provide bespoke e-learning solutions to many of our major customers".

Key Features:

- Courses from the Erlang Experts, taught in captivating, high-quality lectures. The material for the lectures has been crafted by the Erlang trainers at Erlang Solutions.

- Erlang Quizzes which reinforce your Erlang knowledge immediately after each section of the course.

- The beta version of the Automatic Assessment Tool. This is the first of its kind to ever be released. Unlike other generic e-learning platforms, we have developed a mechanism in conjunction with the University of Kent, that allows users to get syntactical, logical and stylistic feedback of their code. During the beta phase they welcome your feedback on this tool which is formally released in November 2011.

Other features include; Augmented feedback from the complier, integration with Try Erlang, integration with O'Reilly Safari, discussion forums, screen casts and support. Details of these can be found here.

The Erlang Express course contains all the Erlang basics such as sequential and concurrent programming, alongside error handling. The Erlang development environment is presented, with a special emphasis on the Erlang mode for Emacs alongside the major debugging tools. Good and bad programming practices are discussed, as are tools used to profile the system.

About Erlang Solutions Ltd
Erlang Solutions specialises in providing businesses with truly scalable solutions through the creation, integration, delivery and lifetime support of products and services based on the Erlang programming language; we work with customers from small developers to Fortune 500 corporations.? ?Erlang Solutions is the only company of its kind totally focused on Erlang and the Erlang community, offering industry-leading research, development, training and worldwide support. This helps our customers realise the potential of Erlang-based solutions, with all the inherent benefits of the speed to market, low lifetime cost, extreme reliability and scalability offered by Erlang. ??Erlang Solutions has offices in London, Stockholm and Krakow.

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About Erlang, the programming language
Erlang is a programming language developed specifically for systems requiring extremely high levels of reliability and scalability. Erlang is ideally suited to use in systems with a high degree of concurrency, such as telecoms, banking, automotive, instant messaging and social networks. Erlang Solutions was founded in 1998 by several of the original creators of the Erlang language. Erlang is an Open Source language with an active and growing global community of developers and programmers.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011