Erlang Solutions and Massive Solutions Partner to Bring Supercomputing to the Mass Market

15th August 2011Erlang Solutions (ESL), the driver behind the worldwide uptake of the Erlang development environment, today announced its partnership with Massive Solutions, the frontier engineering company tackling problems of high-load, scalability and manageability for high-performance and cloud computing.  The two companies will now work together on the targeted roll-out of a Virtual Supercomputer offering (VSC), for high end users who need innovative high-performance cloud computing .

The primary objective of VSC is to provide owners of HPC infrastructure the means to either improve  access to this valuable resource internally or to time share with partners and customers. This will revolutionise how businesses and individuals can access supercomputing power with a ready-made, fully functional analogue of a physical supercomputer – one that is comprehensively equipped with software and requires no specific knowledge of software installation or setup procedures. This in turn will provide the owners of supercomputer facilities and independent software vendors with a wider market for their products and services.

The fault tolerant, highly scalable and concurrent nature of the Erlang programming language, coupled with ESL’s global reach and team of supercomputing experts, made ESL the natural choice to support the construction and marketing of VSC.

VSC is based on using Massive Solutions’ highly innovative products Clustrx and Xpandrx, which are operating systems for HPC, cloud computing, and data centres. Unlike other HPC stacks, Clustrx and Xpandrx are not just a set of utilities, but rather a tightly integrated solution that binds together a set of scalable services to achieve unprecedented scalability and reliability. They apply the same approach as data centre management and the aim is for them to become unbeatable platforms for private and public clouds.

Clustrx is currently being used on clusters in Moscow University, including the world’s 13th most powerful supercomputer in the current Top500, Lomonosov, where some noticeable results have been achieved, such as a stable real-time collection and processing of huge amount of monitoring data.

Marcus Taylor, Commercial Director at Erlang Solutions said: “We are delighted to announce our partnership with Massive Solutions. Our collaboration on the Virtual Supercomputer Project will, we believe, change the computing market for the better. Essentially, we’re bringing super computing resources to companies who have never been able to even contemplate investing in such advanced technologies, due to the huge cost implications involved. It’s a very exciting time for both our companies and we look forward to a successful long-term relationship together.”

Viktor Sovietov, founder of Massive Solutions said: “At Massive Solutions we have a proven track record for significantly enhancing the performance of computers at all levels. We won the bid to renovate and transform the Lomonosov supercomputer at Moscow University into a petaflop system and have seen extraordinary results. We’re looking forward to replicating the same service and results to a wider market of organisations across the world with Erlang Solutions’ support.”




About Erlang Solutions Ltd

Erlang Solutions specialises in supporting businesses with the creation, integration, delivery and lifetime support of products and services based on the Erlang programming language, from small developers to Fortune 500 corporations.

Erlang Solutions is the only company of its kind totally focused on Erlang and the Erlang community, offering industry-leading research, development, training and worldwide support for businesses using Erlang. Erlang Solutions helps its customers to realise the potential of Erlang-based solutions, with all the inherent benefits of the low lifetime cost, extreme reliability and scalability offered by Erlang. Erlang Solutions has offices in London, Stockholm and Krakow. For further information please visit

About Erlang, the programming language

Erlang is a programming language developed specifically for systems requiring extremely high levels of reliability and scalability. Erlang is ideally suited to use in systems with a high degree of concurrency, such as telecoms, banking, automotive, instant messaging and social networks. Erlang Solutions was founded in 1998 by several of the original creators of the Erlang language. Erlang is an Open Source language with an active and growing global community of developers and programmers.

About Massive Solutions Ltd

Massive Solutions specialises in software engineering and the development of massive distributed and parallel solutions, including HPC, cloud computing, SAN, big data and embedded controller networks.

Massive Solutions develops its own line of powerful, innovative system management software including Clustrx, an operating system for HPC purposes, and Xpandrx, a scalable and integrated system management solution for building private and public clouds. Clustrx is currently in use at Moscow University and is supporting the project to turn the world’s 13th most powerful computer, Lomonosov into a petaflop system. Massive Solutions uses the Erlang development environment for all projects since its creation and developed a significant amount of expertise and experience of using massive distributed Erlang-based solutions.

Massive Solutions has offices in Kiev, Prague, Moscow, and London. For further information, visit 


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Monday, August 15, 2011