Press Releases

20 Aug 2013

Industrial Erlang User Group Enhances Communication between the Open Source Community and Ericsson

The ‘Industrial Erlang User Group’ will allow enterprise users of the Erlang/OTP programming lan

30 May 2013

Erlang Solutions enters partnership with leading training provider Marakana

The partnership aims to provide Erlang training courses for corporates looking to train their employees and individuals interested in learning Erlang.

30 Apr 2013

The Erlang User Conference 2013: Building Massively Scalable Fault-tolerant Systems

Between the 13th and the 14th of June, the Erlang User Conference in Stockholm will be the best place in Europe to discuss computing hot-topics such as Multi-core, Big Data, Cloud, Embedded, NoSQL and the future of the Web

17 Apr 2013

Erlang Solutions opens new office in Budapest

New European office demonstrates company's rapid expansion to respond to the increasing adoption of Erlang.

31 Oct 2012

Grant of 3.39 million Euro awarded to UK based Erlang Consortium for Property-based Testing Research

The objective of the ‘Prowess’ project is to provide the European software industry with efficient and effective testing tools and techniques for web services and internet applications

08 Oct 2012

Inventors, originators and experts at Tech Mesh - The alternative programming conference

Erlang Solutions is pleased to announce that it is a sponsor of Tech Mesh - The alternative programming conference

21 May 2012

Michael Williams appointed as a member of the Erlang Solutions board

One of the inventors of Erlang, Michael Williams has been appointed as a member of the Erlang Solutions board.

28 Mar 2012

Marcus Taylor Appointed as CEO for Feuerlabs

Erlang Solutions Limited, the world’s largest specialist Erlang services and support company, today announced that Marcus Taylor has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of Feuerlabs Inc. and will be leaving Erlang Solutions at the end of March 2012 after over seven years, during which time the company enjoyed rapid growth and, in 2011, completed the sale of a majority interest to Trifork A/S.

04 Oct 2011

Erlang Solutions launches Erlang e-learning: the first of its kind

Erlang Solutions have announced the launch of their new Eralng e-learning platform. The e-learning platform is the first of its kind for the Erlang language and incorporates features that are unique to any e-learning platform. The e-learning offering allows people to be trained who, due to temporal, geographical or economical constraints, are not able to attend traditional face-to-face instruction.

30 Sep 2011

Basho Technologies, Erlang Solutions and Trifork AS Announce Big Data and NoSQL Road Show

Intensive, One-Day Events in Cities Around the World Set to Illustrate Key Methods for Managing "Big Data" and Embracing NoSQL Technologies