Erlang Solutions works with a range of commercial partners to ensure it can offer the widest possible range of Erlang-based products and services.

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Trifork A/S develops, sells and delivers IT solutions to the financial and public sector in Denmark. With 130 employees in offices in Aarhus, Copenhagen, California and Schwyz in Switzerland, it is one of the leading providers of business-critical and developing IT solutions for the public and financial sector.


Quviq builds automated test tools for use in a wide variety of industries. Their testing tool QuickCheck supports automatic test case generation from specifications, and when tests fail, speeds fault diagnosis by finding minimal test cases that provoke each bug.


Basho produces Riak, a distributed datastore that combines high availability, easily-scalable capacity and throughput, and ease of use. Riak provides an unprecedented level of read- and write-availability to web, mobile, and enterprise applications, under almost any operational conditions and without requiring intervention.


Cake Solutions is one the UK's leading providers of open source enterprise level software services. Cake specialises in building, and helping companies build modern scalable enterprise applications. Cake Solutions are considered experts in the functional programming world with Scala, Akka and Play, alongside their deep understanding of the Spring Framework. Because of their J2EE and Spring Framework background they are well placed to help companies make gradual transition toward functional programming paradigm. Cake engineers modern & innovative technical solutions to meet the demands of business.