We are excited to announce our partner  ooVoo will utilise  Riak implemented by Erlang Solutions to support the further growth of  their feature set and capabilities.

Michał Ślaski from Erlang Solutions and Alexander Fok, Director at ooVoo are the speakers of our webinar scheduled for 6th of March 2013.

If you are looking to implement a highly scalable, distributed, reliable solution, this is a great opportunity to learn what difference can Erlang bring to your messaging system.

Are you looking to implement a high capacity and extremely reliable, distributed SMS gateway which provides robust performance with innovative business opportunities?
If yes, Erlang Solutions welcomes you to the webinar on "Implementing the mobile messaging gateway" by Marcus Kern VP – Technology, Velti.

Erlang R16A has just been released. Download the binary packages created by our Distro team.

"It's not just the cool factor" says Omer Kilic in the interview from this year's Tech Mesh - the alternative programming conference.

Omer Kilic explains the use of Erlang for embedded systems and how Actors help to model hardware components and concurrency aspects. Also: the work on using Erlang to program the Raspberry Pi

Visiting Washington DC this February? Why not drop by ErlangDC and talk to our very own Jesper Louis Andersen.

He's giving a talk on Ranking Games & Scheduling Jobs, so if you're interested in ranking frameworks, QuickCheck or Quake Live, you don't want to miss it.

One of the latest additions to our team - Stefan Strigler will visit this years XMPP
Summit/FOSDEM in Brussels. Want to take part in some intense discussions in the heart of the XMPP community? This is a good place to meet cool people, have exciting talks and do some networking.

We’re excited to announce Erlang Solutions will be sending two speakers at the ACCU conference taking place in Bristol between the 9th and 13th April. 

The Erlang User Conference 2013 will be held in Stockholm on the 13th and 14th of June.

The kickoff meeting for the Prowess project will be held in London from 10th to 11th of December 2012 in the Erlang solutions offices. All European partners involved in the project will be attending.