Torben Hoffman, Edward Tate and Omer Kilic talking at GOTO Zurich on 10-11 April

GOTO Zurich is focused on presenting a combination of break-through technology with management 3.0 and leadership. The Erlang programming language will feature heavily at GOTO Zurich. Edward Tate and ParaPhrase coordinator Kevin Hammond will be presenting "Thinking Parallel: Exploiting Advanced Software Refactoring to Produce Structured Parallel Programs" . Torben Hoffman's talk  "OTP, the Middleware for Concurrent Distributed Scalable Architectures" will introduce the building blocks that form OTP, the de facto middleware that ships with the Erlang/OTP distribution. Omer Kilic will demonstrate how the properties of the Actor Model can be used for dealing with complexities posed by modern embedded systems in his talk "The Actor Model applied to the Raspberry Pi & the Embedded Domain".

In addition, Torben Hoffman will be giving a hands on tutorial on how to design an Erlang powered embedded sensor node, running on the Raspberry Pi.

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