Supporting ComputerAid through Pedal Power to Brussels

Erlang Solutions' Steve Roberts will be embarking on a gruelling 3 day bike ride from London to Brussels to raise money for his chosen charity, ComputerAid International.

ComputerAid take unwanted computers, refurbish them and give them to African non profit organisations such as schools and hospitals. Their work doesnt just stop there. They ensure that the organisations know how use the technology they are being given so they can learn for example how to use technology to improve crop growing.
The endurance session starts at 7.15am on Friday 18th May reaching Calais late in the evening on day 1.  Day 2 is another 7.15am start reaching the beautiful town on Bruges late in the afternoon.  Sunday is a lay-in with a start time of 7.45, arriving Brussels finish line, late afternoon.

Eurostar London to Brussels: 1 hour 57 minutes

Pedal power to Brussels: 3 days


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