San Francisco chosen to host the first edition of the Evening School of Erlang

Erlang Solutions announced the launch of the Evening School of Erlang - a program dedicated to provide developers with the experience and skill required by an increasing number of Erlang-using employers.

The goal of the Evening School of Erlang is to help reshape the careers of programmers and also enable them to contact companies looking for people with documented knowledge of Erlang.

The lectures are intertwined with series of exercises allowing the participants to work on their skill. A bulk of the exercises is automatically tested and assessed using the Erlang e-learning feedback tool. Also, a week after the end of the course, participants have an opportunity to take the Basic Erlang certification exam.

The partners of the Evening School of Erlang project will have a unique opportunity to reach the developers interested in a career change and taking on Erlang jobs. They will also receive the contact details and CVs/linked in profiles of all the delegates.

The evening school of Erlang will start in San Francisco and Palo Alto, and subsequently be rolled out across the US and Canada.

“Scaling the next generation of soft-real time server side applications will be achieved through massively concurrent programs executing on multi-core processors in a potentially distributed virtual and cloud computing environments. Erlang is an open source language that, thanks to its lightweight processes, no shared data, and built-in distribution, caters for these types of problems.”

For more information and to register interest, please click here.