"OTP, the Middleware for Concurrent Distributed Scalable Architectures": Francesco Cesarini talks at OSCON 2013

While Erlang is a powerful programming language used to build distributed, fault tolerant systems with requirements of high availability, these complex systems require middleware in the form of reusable libraries, release, debugging and maintenance tools together with design principles and patterns used to style your concurrency model and your architecture. In his talk, Francesco will introduce the building blocks that form OTP, the defacto middleware that ships with the Erlang/OTP distribution. He will cover OTP’s design principles, describing how they provide software engineering guidelines that enable developers to structure systems in a scalable and fault tolerant way, without the need to reinvent the wheel. Don't miss this talk on the 25th of July at 16.00.

The Erlang Programming language became Open Source in 1998, and has seen a steady increase in popularity ever since. Now in its 15th year, OSCON is a great technical conference covering the whole spectrum of open source, including Linux, MySQL, the LAMP stack, Perl, Erlang, Python, Ruby on Rails, middleware, applications, cloud computing, and more. OSCON 2013 will celebrate the open source success story and the ongoing revolution. Find out more details about the conference here.