Meet Stefan Strigler at XMPP Summit/FOSDEM (31st Jan)

One of the latest additions to our team - Stefan Strigler will visit this years XMPP
Summit/FOSDEM in Brussels. Want to take part in some intense discussions in the heart of the XMPP community? This is a good place to meet cool people, have exciting talks and do some networking.

Stefan has been an active part of the XMPP community for over ten years now. He helped author some XEPs (XMPP Enhancement Proposals) and was the first to implement BOSH  first as a Java servlet, then as a module for ejabberd. Stefan is the author of the first web based yet full fledged XMPP client known as JWChat. He is also the creator of JSJaC - a client library for XMPP written in JavaScript which eases the implementation of XMPP clients.

The XMPP Summit is an official gathering of the XSF (the XMPP Standards Foundation) and related fellows. It's about discussing latest protocol enhancements, problems that have shown up and in general all things related XMPP. Also it's a place to give short talks on new developments regarding XMPP.

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