Marcus Taylor Appointed as CEO for Feuerlabs

Erlang Solutions Limited, the world’s largest specialist Erlang services and support company, today announced that Marcus Taylor has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of Feuerlabs Inc. and will be leaving Erlang Solutions at the end of March 2012 after over seven years, during which time the company enjoyed rapid growth and, in 2011, completed the sale of a majority interest to Trifork A/S.

Feuerlabs was founded in 2011 to address the need for highly scalable embedded systems as the demand for more intelligent energy, transport and utility systems grows. Feuerlabs will focus on developing a product called Exosense that covers the entire value chain from sensor to backend server as a single system. The design of Exosense will enable seamless integration with customer supplied backend systems and provide configuration management with software distribution out of the box. Since its founding Feuerlabs has sold its system to a number of companies that (further details of which will be announced later in 2012). Erlang Solutions holds a significant minority stake in Feuerlabs.

For more information, please see the full press release.