Juan Puig has been invited to talk at The University of Coruña's Computer Science faculties 25th Anniversary celebrations!

The University of Coruña's Computer Science faculty is turning 25 years, and in order to celebrate such an important event, this Thursday, 12th May 2011, talks, workshops and expositions will be run in Palexco, the main auditorium in A Coruña. We here at Erlang Solutions are proud that Juan Puig has been invited to talk at this event as one of the graduates from The University of Coruña. He will then give a more technical lecture on the Friday at the Computer Science department.

Location: Palexco auditorium, A Coruña, Spain
Time: 12th May, 12:30h
Program (in Spanish)

Juan's talk will be:
Title: Building fault-tolerant systems.
Summary: An introduction to the current software and fault-tolerant systems will be held, followed by how Erlang/OTP does provide with the right built-in features to build large and scalable fault-tolerant systems.

Friday 13,
Juan will be giving a lecture within the Computer Science faculty, more technical, within the slot of a Software Design course of the Computer Engineering degree.
Location: Room 3.3, Faculty of Computer Science, University of A Coruña, Spain
Time: 13th May, 11:30h
Title: "Design of abstract models with Erlang"
Summary: Introduction to Erlang followed by a quick OTP and its behaviours showing how to design large applications. Second part of the talk will be oriented to property based-testing design.