Joe Armstrong to give keynote talk at Lambda Jam

Joe Armstrong, co-inventor of the Erlang programming language and author of Programming Erlang Software for a Concurrent World , which introduced important new ways for thinking about concurrency and building reliable software systems, will be one of the keynote speakers this year. The other keynotes will be delivered by Gerald Sussman - Professor of Electrical Engineering at MIT and David Nolen, developer at the New York Times and important member of the Clojure and ClojureScript communities. 

Lambda Jam is a new format designed to increase hands-on participation and active learning, not just passive listening. Each day will consist of sessions in the morning and workshops and "jams" in the afternoon, ending with a keynote. Workshops are smaller sessions including hands-on labs led by an instructor. Jams are larger sessions of guided code katas where participants are encouraged to work on problems in groups. Jams will end with a period for demos or lightning talks about your solution. find out more on the conference website.