The Erlang User Conference 2013: Building Massively Scalable Fault-tolerant Systems

Between the 13th and the 14th of June, the Erlang User Conference in Stockholm will be the best place in Europe to discuss computing hot-topics such as Multi-core, Big Data, Cloud, Embedded, NoSQL and the future of the Web.

EUC 2013 will bring together on the same stage the inventors of the Erlang programming language Mike Williams, Robert Virding and Joe Armstrong, who will be giving a joint keynote about the past, present and especially the future of Erlang. Claes Wikström, author of Yaws and Mnesia, will give the second keynote and Bruce Tate, author of ‘Seven Languages in Seven Weeks’, will deliver the third keynote. Other well known Erlang experts talking at the conference include distributed systems expert Steve Vinoski, embedded expert Ulf Wiger, leader of the Ericsson OTP virtual machine team Patrick Nyblom and many more.

“Whether you have been coming to the conference from the first edition or this is the first time and you want to learn more about Erlang and its use cases, we guarantee you will get to see all leading Erlang experts under the same roof, and you will get to know everything about the latest projects and innovations in the world of Erlang. Also, the atmosphere and energy of the Erlang User Conference are not to be missed.” said Francesco Cesarini, Founder and Technical Director of Erlang Solutions - the conference organisers.