The Erlang User Conference 2012

With the inventors of Erlang in attendance, and twice the number of days and tracks, the Erlang User Conference 2012 proved to be the biggest event so far.

Delegates and speakers came from across the globe to network and learn of latest Erlang innovations. Topics which were covered included Erlang in telecommunications, messaging, voice over IP, PBX replacement systems, gaming, artificial intelligence modelling, database design and embedded developments. Ongoing themes related to large project development, conversion of existing systems and building scalable systems in Erlang.

There were many that touched upon the exciting topic of Erlang in the connected world e.g. machine to machine communications and systems, which support millions of users. The keynote speech by Jane Walerud was of particular interest; she spoke of how Erlang was the catalyst in the creation of many successful new businesses (many of which were present in the audience).

Big brands names which were present included Ericsson, Sega, Klarna, Campanja Basho and Machine Zone.