Erlang Track at Devcon Tel Aviv - 20 June

The Erlang track will start at 16.00 and will feature the following talks:

  • Zachary Kessin will introduce the basic patterns of Erlang/OTP for fault tolerance including application actors, supervisors and fall over in his talk 'Building Skynet'.  He will explain why the methodology of Erlang promotes applications that can run without disruptions for years on end even with failures.
  • Alexander Fok , System Architect at ooVoo, will present ooVoo’s implementation of highly scalable and high performance messaging solutions. His presentation 'Erlang for Highly Instant Messaging'  will cover eJabberd – current service implementation and Front End Notification – a Websocket server that allows to maintain very big amount of concurrently connected Web clients with 2 way communication channel open that natively extends eJabberd capabilities

The track will be introduced by Francesco Cesarini, Founder and Technical director of Erlang Solutions, who will introduce Erlang from behind the trenches, looking at how its history influenced its constructs. He will be doing so from a personal perspective, with anecdotes from his time as an intern at the Ericsson computer science lab at a time when the language was being heavily influenced and later when working on the OTP R1 release.