Erlang Solutions teams with Infoblox to release the first Openflow-1.2 compliant switch

OpenFlow based SDN allows companies to cost effectively improve performance of clustered applications in high density data centres like Big Data analysis and reduce their operating costs.

Erlang Solutions and Infoblox have today announced the release of the first OpenFlow 1.2 compliant switch. Erlang Solutions has worked with Infoblox on LINC, a soft switch implementation of the 1.2 version of the OpenFlow protocol. OpenFlow is a standard driven by the Open Networking Foundation (ONF), a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting Software-Defined Networking (SDN), a revolutionary approach to networking that brings software-like programmability to networks. By using OpenFlow-based SDN, companies can cost effectively improve the performance of clustered applications in high density data centers like Big Data analysis and reduce their operating costs with modern OpenFlow enabled hardware.

The LINC switch has now been released as commercial friendly open source through the community website, encouraging users and vendors to use LINC and contribute to its development. The initial LINC implementation focuses on correctness and feature compliance. Through an abstraction layer, specialized network hardware drivers can be easily interfaced to LINC. It has been implemented in Erlang, the concurrent soft-real time programming language invented by Ericsson to develop their next generation networks.

Erlang Solutions will provide professional services around the LINC switch and OpenFlow in general, including set-up, configuration, support and testing. Francesco Cesarini, founder and Technical Director of Erlang Solutions says “The Open Networking Foundation is defining the future of networking through the OpenFlow protocol. Using the flexibility of Erlang, we have proven that a small team can quickly develop and be compliant with a quickly evolving standard. We are excited to be part of something so transformative.”

Infoblox is an active member of the Open Networking Foundation supporting the commercialization and use of OpenFlow-based SDN and underlying technologies. Stuart Bailey, Founder and CTO of Infoblox states, “OpenFlow puts the entire network in the hands of application developers for the first time. As the LINC switch demonstrates, Erlang is stunningly and uniquely capable of harnessing the power that OpenFlow is releasing into the world.”

“Our vision is to make OpenFlow-based SDN the new norm for networks,” says Dan Pitt, Executive Director, Open Networking Foundation. “We are pleased to see member companies develop products that get OpenFlow-based SDN in the hands of the users who can and will benefit from the technology.”

The LINC Switch was demonstrated and released (Alpha) in conjunction with the 2012 Interop Tokyo Summit taking place between June 12-15, 2012.

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