Erlang Solutions is proudly sponsoring the ICFP

ICFP 2011 provides a forum for researchers and developers to hear about the latest work on the design, implementations, principles, and uses of functional programming. The conference covers the entire spectrum of work, from practice to theory, including its peripheries. Our very own Language Expert, Robert Virding was on the programme committee.

The conference will be held at Hitotsubashi Memorial Hall, National Center of Sciences in Tokyo, Japan from the 19 - 21 September 2011.

Along side the ICFP will be the CUFP. The annual CUFP workshop is a place where people can see how others are using functional programming to solve real world problems; where practitioners meet and collaborate; where language designers and users can share ideas about the future of their favourite language; and where one can learn practical techniques and approaches for putting functional programming to work.

CUFP 2011 will feature two days of tutorials given by language experts, including Francesco Cesarini who will be giving a tutorial on Building reliable Client-Server Applications in Erlang , on the 22nd and 23rd, and a day of talks on the 24th.

There will also be an Erlang Workshop on the 23 September which Francesco sat on the steering committee for.

We hope to see you there!