Erlang Solutions offers 3 days of training at the Erlang Camp, Boston

Together with the ErlangCamp, Erlang Solutions is offering three courses in a variety of Erlang specializations, giving attendees the opportunity to learn Erlang and expand on their existing knowledge of the language before the camp begins. The ErlangUniversity will take place in the 3 days prior to the ErlangCamp, 9 - 11 August, with the ErlangCamp running from 12 - 13 August. You can register for the University and Camp here.

The ErlangUniversity offers an in depth, hands-on approach to learning. With a maximum of 12 people per course there is the opportunity to go into much more detail and receive direct feedback and help on exercises from the trainers.

Attending the university before the camp will give you a better understanding of Erlang/OTP and the three courses available cover a range of knowledge and abilities so are suitable for anyone from beginner to expert. You will be able to wow your fellow programmers during the Camp with what you have learnt!

Erlang Express – Have a good grasp of Erlang before the camp begins to allow you to hit the ground running.

OTP Express - in a small group of only 12 people grasp the theory behind OTP

XMPP with Erlang and ejabberd - Or for something completely different, from XMPP expert and author Jack Moffit, learn how to use, configure and extend the ejabberd XMPP server and the exmpp client library. 

The ErlangCamp, is all about writing real-world production software in Erlang/OTP. ErlangCamp is hosted by a group of experienced Erlang/OTP experts that have put massive amounts of Erlang/OTP code into production over many years. They will teach you the techniques, tools and even the pitfalls of dealing with Erlang/OTP in the real world. When you leave you will be an Erlang/OTP expert!