Erlang Solutions hosts the 22nd Open Source Hardware User Group on the 15th of November

On the 15th of November, Erlang Solutions will be the host of the 22nd Open Source Hardware User Group. The general topic of discussion will be ‘Embedded systems’.

Embedded systems continue to grow in importance as they play an ever-increasing role in everyday life: more computing is done on the move as smartphone functionality catches up with desktops and services move to the Cloud; the Internet of Things is set to herald an age in which networked objects create and consume data on our behalves. These, and many other applications, are driving an insatiable demand for more powerful and energy-efficient embedded solutions.

Omer Kilic will be speaking about how Erlang can be used to bring concurrency to multi-core embedded systems. Dr Jeremy Bennett will talk about the Parallella project and its aim of making parallel computing accessible to everyone, and we will hear about vital research into optimising compiler options for energy-efficiency from Simon Hollis.

OSHUG is a group of people with an interest in open source hardware, that meet up in and around London. The meeting on the 15th of November will be held at Erlang Solutions’ London headquarters, from 6.45 PM to 8.30 PM. For more information and registration, please access this link: