Erlang- powered WhatsApp exceeds 200 million monthly users

WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum announced today that the mobile messaging service topped Twitter’s 200 million monthly users. The declaration was made at AllThingsD's mobile conference in New York on the 16th of April.

WhatsApp has an average of 8 billion inbound messages and 12 billion outbound messages a day, made possible by their usage of Erlang and FreeBSD in the backend server applications. Thanks to Erlang’s  amazing scalability, WhatsApp scales up to more than a million connections on a single box. Rick Reed, one of the lead engineers at WhatsApp, gave an extensive talk on the technology stack behind WhatsApp at the San Francisco Erlang Factory 2013. The video and slides can be found here. For the past two years, WhatsApp has been one of the major sponsors of the Erlang Factory SF Bay - the biggest Erlang programming language conference in the US.  

Jan Korum also denied the rumors about WhatsApp’s acquisition by Google and explained his vision for the future of the company: they will focus on messaging as the core service, and will not turn WhatsApp into a platform business. The company's goal, Korum reiterated, is to not make money off of advertisements. Instead, WhatsApp is slowly introducing a business model in which users pay 99 cents a year.