Project Manager

Salary dependent on experience

Position Summary
Erlang Solutions Ltd is a dynamic business specialising in developing products in Erlang, and providing professional services around the language.
The London Project Manager will lead multiple teams of ESL Consultants on client projects from inception to their successful delivery. This requires leading and managing several teams developing systems in a wide variety of industry sectors ranging from gaming and banking to telecoms.

This is not a pure project management role, since a large part of the role is about managing people, Consultant staff on client projects as well as mentoring and staff development. The individual will deliver all aspects of line and project management, planning and control within specific development projects. They will be responsible for ensuring best practices are observed and practiced in their location and in client engagements. Candidates will bring relevant business and systems development experience to help the team meet the business’ product development schedules as part of a Customer’s overall software development programme.

  • Work with the Business Development staff, specialist technical design staff and Customers on  project requirements and progress these to agreed project proposals.
  • Work with the technical development staff and Customers through the ESL product development process from initial proposal to the final signoff of the delivered product.
  • Work with Customers and development staff  to plan products into timelines that are agreed with Customers.
  • Ensure that Product Designs are specified and detailed enough to be able to agree and develop appropriate products for Customers
  • Ensure that all planned tasks and issues raised by Customers are assigned and resolved satisfactorily
  • Establish and maintain the communication channels with Customers and development staff and ensure that roles and responsibilities are understood by all
  • Facilitate staff development by ‘on the job’ coaching and by proposing formal training if required
  • Monitor and progress multiple concurrent projects and prioritise and manage resolutions of  issues raised.
  • Work with the Management team to ensure that staff  are best utilised.

Skills and experience required

  • Good interpersonal skills with staff and good customer-facing interpersonal skills
  • Knowledge of Erlang and the types of project challenges we solve
  • Ability to provide technical expertise to the business development team and to support them at customer meetings as project requirements are discussed and proposals developed.
  • Good technical writing skills to write project proposals, specifications and estimates.
  • Experience of managing software development projects
  • A strong working knowledge of agile development methods, such as DSDM,(and preferably also qualified as a scrum master); liaising closely with the relevant Customer Relationship Managers (usually members of the Sales team) as appropriate
  • Knowledge of the product development lifecycle and agile development techniques
  • Knowledge of technologies such as XMPP, ejabberd and RabbitMQ as well as databases such as Riak will be most useful.
  • Commercial acumen